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13. National development

1. The State and all institutions and agencies of government at every level must
endeavour to facilitate rapid and equitable development, and in particular must
take measures to–

  a. promote private initiative and self-reliance;
  b.foster agricultural, commercial, industrial, technological and scientific
  c.foster the development of industrial and commercial enterprises in order to
  empower Zimbabwean citizens; and
  d.bring about balanced development of the different areas of Zimbabwe, in
  particular a proper balance in the development of rural and urban areas.

2. Measures referred to in this section must involve the people in the formulation
and implementation of development plans and programmes that affect them.

3. Measures referred to in this section must protect and enhance the right of the
people, particularly women, to equal opportunities in development.

4. The State must ensure that local communities benefit from the resources in
their areas.